Environmentally Friendly

At Exclusive Cleaners we take our responsibility towards our environment very seriously. We have employed very strict and innovative methods within our company to ensure and promote the best possible favourable options to our environment.

Our Production Area:

All our industrial production machines are regularly serviced and well maintained by qualified engineers within the industry. We closely monitor our perc emission according to the most recent proposed EC directive.

We are proud to announce we have recently passed an annual inspection carried out by the Environmental Health Service.

We do not use any hazardous chemicals containing any of the following Risk Phrases R45, R46, R49, R60, and R61. We only use H20 based soft chemicals for any spot cleaning.

Usage of Recycling Material:

70% of our galvanised and plastic hangers are made from 100% recycling material. We actively seek recycled packaging materials from our suppliers as well as taking part in recycling our waste on a weekly basis.

Reducing Plastic bags:

We are probably the only dry cleaners in the UK who are actively promoting reduced usage of plastic bags. Each time you have something cleaned by us, instead of bagging your regular professionally cleaned garments individually in plastic coverings we are promoting in store long life garment covers which can be re-used several times through out the year ultimately reducing the usage of plastic.