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  • Curtain Service

    We strongly recommend that curtains are dry cleaned at least every 2 years to extend their life. Over time dirt and dust becomes harder to remove which can damage and discolour the fabric.

    We also carry out alterations and repairs on curtains that you may require i.e. shortening/lengthening and relining.

    Our Extra curtain service is unique, we provide a complete stress free ‘Curtains Cleaning Service’ by coming to your premises, either commercial or residential to remove your curtains. They are then re-hung and steam pressed into position after the cleaning and pressing procedure has been carried out.

    We offer two types of Curtain Cleaning services:

    Standard Curtain Service
    This consists of curtains being brought to us to be dry cleaned and pressed.
    Price: £5.50 per Sq Meter

    Extra Curtain Service
    In this unique service we come to your premises at your convenience to take down your curtains and re-hang them after the cleaning and pressing procedure has been carried out at our store.
    Price: £6.95 per Sq Meter

    Unlined 60" x 60"
    Unlined 80" x 80"
    Unlined 90" x 90"
    Interlined 90" x 90"
    Unlined 105" x 105"
    Unlined 120" x 90"
  • Household

    Due to our high quality of service and the reputation of Exclusive Cleaners, we service over 1000 household items per week.  Prior to any cleaning of large household item i.e. 3pc suite covers, they are thoroughly inspected to determine the best possible cleaning result.

    Padded Seat Cover
    Pleated Extra
    Arm Covers
    Bedspreads Double
    Bedspreads King
    Bedspreads Single
    Blankets Double (3 pc)
    From £15.50
    Blankets Single (2 pc)
    From £12.50
    Cushion Covers Large
    Cushion Covers Medium
    Cushion Covers Small
    Quilt Double
    Quilt King Size
    Quilt Single
    Suite Cover (2pc)
    Suite Cover (3pc)
  • Wedding Gowns

    One of the most important dresses that you will ever wear in your life is your wedding dress, a unique treasure that cannot be replaced. Bearing this in mind, we at Exclusive Cleaners provide a very personal and unique Wedding Gowns Service.

    Prior to cleaning, your dress is thoroughly inspected by one of our most experienced members of staff to determine the best possible treatment. Before we start the cleaning process we carry out a risk assessment in order for us to determine any risks involved and if we believe there are any risks, we will advise you and suggest to you the best possible solution. 

    Only once we are completely satisfied will we carry out the cleaning process.  We hand treat and clean each gown individually, never in combination with other dresses. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process and will press your dress so it is completely hand finished.

    We offer Before and After Wedding Gowns Services :

    Before Wedding Gown Service:

    Carry out any alterations/repairs so it fits you perfectly
    Steam press your Wedding Gown before your big day so you look your best.
    Help you to decide how best to preserve your precious dress after the wedding.

    After Wedding Gown Service:

    Ensure the best possible cleaning treatment.
    Depending on your preference, preserve and vacuum pack your dress for storage and future admiration.


    At Exclusive Cleaners we only use the best and most modern means available in the market to preserve and store your Wedding Gown. Our Wedding boxes are of top quality and completely hand made in Britain from specially milled pH neutral board and added with acid free tissues that prevents ‘yellowing’ or discolouration of the fabric which, unlike plastic covers, allows your dress to breathe.

    Beaded Wedding Dress
    Full Beaded Wedding Dress
    Plain Wedding Dress
    Silk Wedding Dress
    Wedding Boxes
    From £50.00
  • Suede & Leather

    Treating suede and leather is an extremely specialist field that requires the attention of experienced craftsmen. All suede and leather garments need to be thoroughly examined in order to determine the best possible treatment. Once the pre-cleaning treatment and the actual mechanical cleaning processes have taken place, often leather and suede garments requires an extensive work post cleaning in order to restore the garment into it’s best possible original condition. For example re-oiling the garments, retexturising, re tinting etc.

    At Exclusive Cleaners we only employ the best, our people are among the most experienced experts in the country when it comes to leather and suede cleaning. They specialise in the cleaning and restoring of suede and leather garments.

    We also carry out all types of alterations and repairs on leather and suede.

    Leather Cardigan
    From £30.95
    Leather Coat
    From £60.95
    Leather Jacket
    From £51.95
    Leather Skirt (Large)
    From £39.95
    Leather Skirt (Small)
    From £31.50
    Leather Trouser
    From £45.75
    Leather Waistcoat
    From £41.50
    Suede Cardigan
    From £24.95
    Suede Coat
    From £49.95
    Suede Dress
    From £32.55
    Suede Jacket
    From £49.95
    Suede Skirt (Large)
    From £39.95
    Suede Skirt (Small)
    From £28.50
    Suede Trouser
    From £39.50
  • Linen Hire

    We also provide commercial laundry services to the hospitality sector, restaurants, hotels etc... We can either launder your own linen or you can hire linen from us. For more information please contact Maz Kazmi on 01702 615062 or e-mail maz@exclusivecleaners.co.uk. For more information please visit our linen hire site. Exclusive Laundry